Ovh Virtual Hosting Management

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OVHM allows to create virtual hosts very easily: On the same web form you can create the apache, qmail virtual host. It also manages DNS zone files, quotas, mysql databases and name aliases... Of course you can modify or erase anything that was created within that module.
27/05/2004 ovhm-0.4.4f
  • Fixed a bug on setting mysql permissions (to correct acces from previous release, just change the mysql password of the dead access)
27/05/2004 ovhm-0.4.4d
  • Fixed a bug on setting mysql permissions
17/05/2004 ovhm-0.4.4c
  • Fixed a bug login creation (some login were too long for setting mysql permissions)
  • Spanish help online (english help coming soon)
10/05/2004 ovhm-0.4.4b
  • Fixed a bug in domain name filter
26/01/2004 ovhm-0.4.4
  • More characters allowed in passwords
  • Verbose mode added when restarting services
  • Check for updates
  • Fixed a bug concerning subdomains stats
14/01/2004 ovhm-0.4.3c
  • More characters accepted in passwords ($)
  • Verbose mode when restarting services
  • Integrated possibility to check for updates
  • Fixed subdomains statistics bug
  • News:
    14/01/2004 ovhm-0.4.3c
    • Fixed a bug occuring when saving configuration files (thanks Elgi)
    26/12/2003 ovhm-0.4.3b
    • English support
    23/12/2003 ovhm-0.4.3
    • Interface Layout changed
    • Added possiblity to choose login for a domain
    • New domains listing with subdomains and alias
    22/12/2003 ovhm-0.4.2
    • Fixed a bug concerning subdomains deleting
    • Added spanish support
    17/12/2003 ovhm-0.4
    • Sub domains support (thanks to Christophe Casalegno for his module source)
    • Mysql old databases suppression bug workaround (used to hang when deleting databases created with former ovhms)
    • Bind serial update when a zone is modified
    • A few bugs and ugly things were squashed
    Very useful update: apply !
    11/12/2003 ovhm-0.3
    • Several bugs fixed (including some bugs happening when deleting mysql databases)
    • The code has been change to support the standard internationalization system of webmin
    3/8/2002: ovhm-0.2
    • fix a small bug with the ip and httpd.conf
    • email can be sent when a virtual host is created
    • new version of phpMyAdmin 2.2.4 (old version was 2.2.2)
    • a logo was added into webmin menu

    2/3/2002: patch-0.2-pre1
    • Fix a small bug with the ip and httpd.conf

    12/26/2001: ovhm-0.1
    This was the first version of webmin

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